We waste so much human talent in India by not giving educated women “homemakers” an opportunity to earn for themselves. Many of these homemakers are frustrated as they get older because they’re not able to deploy their professional skills. Because they can’t earn for themselves, they are dependent on their husbands and feel trapped at home. This causes a lot of personal heartbreak and heartburn and affects their self-esteem, especially when they compare themselves with their peers who are working in a satisfying job. Many women feel that living in a patriarchal society means they aren’t allowed to explore their potential and that they have been given a raw deal.It also means that this precious human capital is being frittered away, and the entire country is a loser. Other women want to stay at home because they want to take care of the family, so here’s a solution that kills multiple birds with one stone.

If you are a passionate , ambitious and hardworking homemaker who wants to stay at home and earn money, then you can start your own community-based microschool in partnership with other women from your neighbourhood. All you need is some space (even a single room is enough), which could even be in your home. You need to buy some PCs (which are now highly affordable), and with this combination of a safe space, PCs, and educated homemakers as adult supervisors, you will be able to provide a world-class education to your kids in your community. Not only will you be able to earn money by charging other kids for these classes, but you will also be able to ensure that your kids have a much better and brighter future because the education you provide will be tailored to your cultural needs and in the language that you think is appropriate. Because parents know what their children’s strengths are, you will be able to focus on developing them, as a result of which all the children will flourish! This will be much safer and less expensive than sending them either to traditional schools or to expensive commercial tuition classes.

Are you worried that you don’t have the required subject matter expertise to teach your kids?
Yes, this can be scary, but please remember that you don’t need a BEd degree to teach – you just need to provide your kids with access to online teaching resources and the company of friends, and they will be able to learn for themselves. As a bonus, you will end up learning a lot from them as well! Thanks to the internet, you now have access to the world’s best teachers, all of whom teach online!

If you want to teach according to the school curriculum, then there are lots of resources that will allow you to do that. These include www.learnohub.com, www.missiongyan.com , www.beyondexams.org and www.magnetbrains.com ! This is called the flipped classroom model and is a great way of making sure that your kid is prepared in advance for what the teacher is going to teach the next day in class. This will help him become the teacher’s pet because he will already know all the answers! It’s also very helpful to use these resources for doubt-solving, so in case he doesn’t understand anything his teacher said, he can explore the topic in depth once he comes back home, so his concepts are clear.
These resources are very valuable for exam preparation as well. There are many mock papers from the past, as well as additional tools such as flash cards, so that he can reinforce what he has learned.

By tapping into this invaluable human capital of educated homemakers, we can fix our broken education system and create a better India!
These community-based, digitally powered learning centres will be great not just for the children but for the community as well! Citizens will be able to use these PCs in order to ensure that they get the services they pay for from the government. They will be able to file RTI applications and use social media to hold the local government officials accountable and answerable. This approach will also help to bridge the generation gap, create closer family ties, and ensure that everyone teaches and learns together.

This combination of a safe space and a cooperative community-distributed approach will help the community grow, and Indian democracy will become stronger, because citizens—both the current generation and the future—will now have a voice that will be heard.

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