Start a Teach to Earn learning POD

Empowering Young Minds for a Digital Future

Start a Teach to Earn Learning POD

Empower Your Community Through Education 

Unlock the potential of your community by starting a Teach to Earn (T2E) Learning Pod. T2E PODs are designed to provide children with essential digital literacy and computer skills, creating a foundation for lifelong learning and future opportunities. Whether you’re a parent, educator, or community leader, you can make a significant impact by establishing a T2E Learning Pod in your area.

Why Choose Teach To Earn ?

Bridging the Digital Divide for India’s Future
Teach to Earn (T2E) is a trust dedicated to bridging the digital divide and promoting digital literacy among India’s youth. Operating under Apni Pathshala, India’s largest network of community-based learning centers, T2E is committed to equipping young minds and educators with the essential skills, knowledge, and devices needed to thrive in today’s technology-driven world. Teach to Earn is more than just a name—it’s a promise. We are dedicated to ensuring every child has the opportunity to learn and succeed in the digital age, empowering them to shape a future where opportunities abound and dreams become reality.
Teach to Earn is a pivotal initiative under Apni Pathshala, focused on closing the digital literacy gap across India. 

Empowering Communities through Digital Education
Starting a Teach to Earn POD is a powerful way to contribute to your community’s growth and prosperity. By establishing a local learning POD, you provide accessible digital educaOur mission is to deliver essential digital skills and knowledge to every yotion that meets the unique needs of your community. This initiative fosters digital literacy, crucial for navigating the modern world, and creates an inclusive environment where every child can excel regardless of their background. Moreover, a T2E POD empowers not only the students but also parents and educators by providing them with the tools and knowledge to support and enhance the learning experience.


How to Start Your T2E Learning POD

To start a new Teach to Earn POD  is simple. Here below is a check-list of qualifiers that we check for before starting :

You need to have at-least 150 sq feet of space either owned or rented by you or your organisation.

At least 6 hours during the day time.

Standard Tables with at least 2 sq feet of surface area per computer and  Comfortable chairs for children to sit, while using the computers. 

You should have at least 10 Mbps internet connection on the premise to help support the computers.

Around 2-3 PCs for the initial start of your learning POD

Why should you have a Teach To Earn learning POD ?
  • Digital Literacy: Equip children with critical computer skills and digital knowledge.
  • Customized Learning: Tailor education to meet the specific needs of your community.
  • Flexible and Local: Offer a convenient, community-based learning environment.
  • Empowerment: Enable students to become self-sufficient and tech-savvy.

How to Get Started ?

Getting started with Teach to Earn is simple. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign Up: Visit our website and sign up to become a Teach to Earn Educator.

  2. Choose Your Quantity : Select the quantity of PCs that you want to start with. Our PC set includes everything you need to get started, from computers to peripherals.

  3. Pay Only 10k per PC: With Teach to Earn, you only pay 10k per PC, and we’ll fund the rest. It’s an affordable way to equip your microschool with the technology it needs to succeed.

  4. Teach and Build in Public: Once you’ve set up your microschool, it’s time to start teaching and building a vibrant learning community. Share your experiences, insights, and successes with the world, and inspire others to join the microschooling movement.

Get Started Today – Join the Teach to Earn Movement !

Interested in starting a T2E Learning Pod in your community? Contact us to learn more about how you can get involved and make a difference.