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A New Way of Teaching is Here

Embrace Home-Based Learning

Open a new age of teaching from home! Our cutting-edge PCs provide you flexibility to contact students worldwide and create unlimited opportunities. Enjoy teaching on your terms.

Global Reach, Local Comfort

Discover a unique schooling method! Discover home-based instruction powered by our cutting-edge PCs. You may engage with students globally 24/7, making studying more engaging than ever.

Maximize Potential with Tech

Our PCs provide a smooth transition to home-based education, giving you unmatched freedom and unlimited prospects. Connect with international students on your own time and enjoying it.

Find Joy in Home-Schooling

Witness education’s future! Our PCs enable home-based education like never before, letting you contact students anytime, anywhere. Discover infinite options and the fun of home-based teaching.

About us

Teach To Earn is dedicated to promote digital literacy and education accessibility across India. Through our initiative, we offer high-quality PCs at affordable prices, ensuring that everyone, from educated moms and homemakers to senior citizens and tuition teachers, can join the digital revolution. With over 50 active learning PODs spread across various towns and villages in 21 states, we’ve already delivered over 30,000 hours of joyful learning experiences. Join us in building a brighter, more digitally inclusive future for all.

Our Vision

Teach to Earn believes that every child, regardless of income, deserves access to the digital world’s endless possibilities. Students’ digital literacy is promoted by our inexpensive and high-quality PCs developed for education.Digital literacy is essential in today’s fast-paced environment. However, not all pupils have the skills they need to succeed in a tech-driven culture. Our goal is to eradicate the digital gap by delivering computers to everyone, regardless of income. We welcome parents, educators, and digital equity advocates to join Teach to Earn.

With a computer , explore the world

Endless Possibilities At Your Fingertips

All This You Could Get Only For

₹ 10,000/-

AI powered learning

Empowerment through AI-powered learning.

Explore endless educational horizons

Explore endless educational horizons with Teach to Earn.

Both educational and entertainment

Education meets entertainment for an enriching experience.

Code your dreams

Code your dreams with Teach to Earn's innovative programs.


Selligion Praho 2 delivers 8 GB RAM | 128 GB Storage and ~2.5 GHz quad-core processing power that is designed to deliver a powerful and un-compromised computing experience for students of all ages. You can connect a Selligion Praho to a TV or up to 2 monitors. Read more about Selligion here.

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It's Time, For You To Shine Shine

“Shine brightly within your community” encapsulates the essence of empowerment and participation, inviting individuals from diverse backgrounds to contribute meaningfully to their communities. Whether one is an educated mother, a homemaker, a senior citizen, or a teacher, the call to action is universal: to engage, inspire, and make a positive impact.

“Teach to Earn for everyone” emphasizes inclusivity and accessibility. Regardless of socio-economic status or age, Teach to Earn offers opportunities for learning and growth. It’s not just about receiving education; it’s about equipping individuals with the tools and knowledge to thrive in today’s digital world. From homemakers seeking to enhance their skills to seniors eager to embrace technology, Teach to Earn welcomes all with open arms.

Most frequent questions and their respective answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Teach to Earn provides a complete set of PC which includes a Sellgion CPU Gen 2.0, a Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse, a webcam and a hedaphone. 

Your PC will be delivered in 4-5 working days of the payment.

Teach to Earn knows the importance of digital literacy in India and wants every child have access to computers regardless of his financial conditions.

The Selligion CPU runs on Selligion Abacca Education OS which is the world’s first OS designed for education.

The CPU provides a 3 year device replacement warranty , which is only provided by selligion.