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Teach to Earn’s Roadmap for becoming an Edupreneur

Edupreneurship represents a dynamic fusion of education and entrepreneurship, where passionate individuals harness their expertise to drive innovation and impact in learning. At Teach to Earn, we empower aspiring edupreneurs to pioneer change in the education landscape, offering the resources and support needed to turn ideas into reality. Whether you're a seasoned educator or a newcomer to the field, our platform equips you with the tools to create, monetize, and revolutionize educational experiences. Join us in shaping the future of education through edupreneurship

Empower and Educate: Inviting School Teachers to our POD as an initiative for transforming Education

re you a school teacher who is passionate about teaching but finds it challenging to ensure that every student grasps the concepts in a conventional classroom setting? Do you aspire to provide a top-notch education, tailor your teaching talents to young learners, and create a dynamic learning ecosystem for all? If so, we have an …

Empowering Teachers: A New Model for School Teachers to Work from Home and Transform Education

In a world where education is essential, we understand the difficulties teachers face within the present school system. Many dedicated teachers want to enhance their students' learning. We understand that the conventional method limits your ability to teach critical thinking and creativity to children.

Empowering Minds: Teach to Earn’s Manifesto for Transformative Education

At the heart of the problem is the education system, which makes people too dependent on teachers in charge. Focusing on getting good grades has created a group of passive learners who don't know how to question, analyse, and think for themselves. Not only does this trend hurt individual progress, it also hurts the nation's educational growth as a whole. At Teach to Earn , we believe the answer is to help students who can think critically, ask smart questions, and tell the difference between real expertise and fake credentials.

Which Tuition Class is Right for your Kid ?

When it comes to education, every student has unique learning needs. This is where tuition classes come in. Tuition classes are a great way to provide students with the extra support they need to succeed academically. However, with so many different types of tuition classes available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your child.

Finding the Right Tuition Classes

n a perfect world, children would get the personalised caring , love and attention they need to become self-directed learners by going to school . While a good school education can provide a solid foundation, the sad reality is that most schools are bad, which is why students benefit from additional tuition classes outside of school hours. This is why commercial tuition classes like Byju's , Aakaash , Unacademy and Allen advertise so heavily - and why their owners are so rich ! However, these classes are over-crowded and impresonal, and you need to dig deeper to find the right tuition classes for improving education.