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Harnessing Vacant Sapces to Revolutionize Digital Education

Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) can transform vacant properties into community micro-schools, revolutionizing digital education. Teach to Earn helps NRIs equip these spaces with PCs, providing children access to online resources. This initiative bridges educational gaps, empowers future generations, and strengthens NRI ties to their hometowns. Join us in shaping India's digital future by starting a community micro-school

Micro-schooling with Computers: Small Classes, Big Adventures in Learning

Step into the world of Micro-schooling with Computers, where learning is an adventure guided by personalized education and empowered by educational PCs. With small class sizes and teachers as companions, students explore their passions while cultivating essential skills like critical thinking and resilience. Join us at Teach to Earn to revolutionize education and embark on this transformative journey.

Teach to Earn’s Roadmap for becoming an Edupreneur

Edupreneurship represents a dynamic fusion of education and entrepreneurship, where passionate individuals harness their expertise to drive innovation and impact in learning. At Teach to Earn, we empower aspiring edupreneurs to pioneer change in the education landscape, offering the resources and support needed to turn ideas into reality. Whether you're a seasoned educator or a newcomer to the field, our platform equips you with the tools to create, monetize, and revolutionize educational experiences. Join us in shaping the future of education through edupreneurship

Dispelling the Myths of Microschooling: Unveiling the Truth Behind the Trend

Microschooling has transformed education, dispelling myths. Microschools offer personalised, project-based learning, not just smaller classrooms. Microschools are accessible through co-op programmes and scholarships, contrary to popular belief. Many follow strict accreditation criteria, addressing concerns. Microschools create diverse, close-knit communities, dispelling social isolation. Emphasising vital skills prepares pupils for college and careers. Explore microschooling with Teach to Earn, embracing innovation and diversity for a better education future.

From Moms to Senior Citizens: Building Community Microschools and Revolutionizing Education

Are you an educated mom with a treasure trove of knowledge sitting unused? Are you a retired senior citizen full of experience, eager to nurture young minds? Do you ever wonder if your talents could benefit your community instead of lying dormant at home? Teach to Earn is here to tell you YES! Your passion for learning and teaching can transform education and earn you a fulfilling income. Join the movement of community-based digital learning centres—microschools powered by you!

Empower and Educate: Inviting School Teachers to our POD as an initiative for transforming Education

re you a school teacher who is passionate about teaching but finds it challenging to ensure that every student grasps the concepts in a conventional classroom setting? Do you aspire to provide a top-notch education, tailor your teaching talents to young learners, and create a dynamic learning ecosystem for all? If so, we have an …

Empowering Teachers: A New Model for School Teachers to Work from Home and Transform Education

In a world where education is essential, we understand the difficulties teachers face within the present school system. Many dedicated teachers want to enhance their students' learning. We understand that the conventional method limits your ability to teach critical thinking and creativity to children.